At the risk of becoming a full-time shill for other people’s artwork, I must mention Livefeed, a fascinating installation that’s currently on display here at Texas State University. A collaboration between Jeff Shore and Jon Fisher, it features video sequences made by mechanically moving tiny video cameras through miniature diaramas. A lush, cinematic soundtrack accompanies the video, and is further enhanced by changing illumination from the boxes that contain the dioramas, as well as several frame drums on the back wall, played by electromechanical arms.

As a musician, I was engaged by the audio and the way it mirrored the imagery. As a technician, I was entranced by the intricacy of the installation and how well its diverse parts were made to engage and work together. It’s well worth a visit in person, if possible, as that’s the only way to get the full effect of everything that’s going on. If, however, you’re not convenient to the University, you can also see the work at the Livefeed live feed, or read a review here.

This one wraps up on Wednesday, so come see it while you can!