London Coverage

I’m posting this message to act as a clearinghouse for info on the bombing in London. I’ll be updating it as I find out anything new.

  • [Chris->] and [Becky->] were in Rugby at the time of the bombing, having left London the previous day. I don’t believe any of Becky’s extended family was affected.
  • I’ve got an email in to the family with whom we’re supposed to be exchanging houses to verify that they’re all right. Update: they’re fine too, aside from traffic hassles
  • Some helpful links: The Guardian’s Weblog; A Flickr Photo Pool; a Wikipedia article.

Message from Chris:


Thanks for the APB and concern. All OK. We were in London yesterday and on the Tube less than 12 hrs before this… Sobering…

It make my stomach tighten a little bit to think of my family being there soon. Sickness within to think of anything happening in a place where people wouldn’t be were it not for me… Kinda fighting back tears several times today…


and one from the family in England with whom we’ll be swapping houses:

Everything is fine, terrible traffic hassle but we get over it. I have been working in Southampton for the last 3 days (about 80 miles south) and J telephoned me to tell me everyone is ok. What do you do? you cannot let it change your life, as to do so is to give in…We are used to it with teh IRA in teh 80s and we get over it quickly, we are a chilled out people.

Thanks for the email