A Few Family Notes

[Christina->] wrote up a very nice post on a little mini-adventure our family had last night. (Lions and lightning and fire, oh my!) Thanks for the look at the experience through another set of eyes, Christina!

Also, when I got home from work on Tuesday, I found a mourning dove with a broken wing hopping around our backyard. It was apparently fairly traumatized, as it wasn’t making particularly enthusiastic attempts to get away from me, only hopping slowly in the other direction when I’d get within 5 feet or so.

I grabbed a laundry basket and, after chasing it under an overturned canoe, was able to catch it, bring it inside, and give it some food and water. Later than evening, we cleaned out a cage we had around and moved it from the laundry basket into the more suitable home. The kids were very excited, and decided to christen it “Saskatchewan”, though none of them actually knew what the word meant.

Saskatchewan has gradually been getting stronger, and is considerably more fiesty now than when he arrived. We tried to devise a sling for the wing, but it kept slipping off, and we finally gave up. We hope to be able to let him go again in a week or two. (I am reluctant to bring him to the vet and spend money on an animal that has good odds of becoming kitty chow in our neighborhood anyway.)