It's Alive! ALIVE!

I’ve just popped the first open-to-the-public version of Bibliofile, my free reading log program, up at

From the welcome page:

Bibliofile is a tool for keeping track of books: those you’ve read, those you’d like to read, and those you’re reading. You can use it to:

  • Put a “What I’m Reading” list on your web page or blog. (All the cool kids are doing it!)
  • Compile statistics on what and how much you’re reading. (What was the book you rated lowest last year? Something by William Shatner would be our guess.)
  • Consult your “books to read” list when you’re at the library or book store. (Assuming they have wireless Internet or you’re willing to drag a really long network cable behind you.)
  • Share your reading wishlist with your well-heeled friends and loved ones.

I’m using Bibliofile to power the “What I’m Reading” sidebar on this site. If you like to read, I hope you’ll stop by, take a look, and see if Bibliofile might be a useful tool for you.