Too Surreal for 7:00am

This morning, as I was getting [Abigail->] and [Liam->] ready for school, I made Abby some mint tea. As is typical, when it was finished steeping, it was too hot for her to drink, so I asked if she would like an ice cube to cool it off. Not being a morning person by nature, I somewhat blindly stumbled to the refrigerator, pushed the ice dispenser lever, and was rewarded by two cold thumps in my hand.

I shambled over to the breakfast table and was about to drop my cargo into Abby’s cup when I looked down and found, to my surprise, that I was holding one ice cube and one Baby Ruth candy bar. My brain raced through several unlikely scenarios — did I somehow pick up a candy bar from somewhere without noticing? is there some kind of modern day alchemist at work in my kitchen, transforming frozen water into confections? did I mistakenly hit the Baby Ruth dispenser bar on the fridge instead of the ice dispenser? — before Abigail started laughing and confessed to having put the candy into the ice dispenser because she thought it would be funny.

So, I ate the ice cube and dropped the candy bar into her tea. That’ll show her. (
Not really. I let her take it to include in her lunch for school.) She’s not quite up to the level of The Heist yet, but shows definite promise in the mischief-making department.