Where to Begin?

I’m overdue to do an update, but since this is officially Spring Break — though the University doesn’t see fit to actually give us any off time, instead asking us politely “won’t you please take some vacation time so that we can turn the lights off and save some electricity?” — I’m not at my most motivated. So, it’s bullet point update time!

  • [Liam->] managed, a few weekends ago, to knock out two teeth within about a 45 minute span. Fortunately, these were teeth that were overdue to come out anyway, but I still thought it funny and appropriate to his character that he managed to accidentally bash out each independently of the other in such a short span.
  • I enjoyed a very nice birthday party this past weekend with a good deal of the extended family. (March 10 marked the end of my 36th year.) We went to Landa Park, cooked and ate a great deal, attempted to hijack one of the flatcars from the park’s miniature railway, and played Horse Balls, a great game originated by one of my coworkers. Thanks to all who attended!
  • I played at my church on Sunday, and Grant’s church on Wednesday. Both went enjoyably for us musicians, and hopefully for the congregants as well. I am amused to discover than I’m having a sort of anti-puberty as time goes on, and my vocal range continues to gradually climb back up from where it fell in my teens.
  • Kathy goes in tomorrow for sinus surgery, in hopes that straightening out her septum and clearing out her sinus cavities will help prevent the recurrent sinus infections to which she’s prone. If you’re of a praying mind, keep her in your prayers. If not, send us a pie. It won’t help the sinus issues, obviously, but we really like pie.
  • I had some good visits this weekend with folks I don’t often get to see. [Jonathan->] and his honeypiesugarbearsnookums Christine stopped in on Monday night for a visit, some looking at photos, and a trip to Valentino’s for the best pizza in the free world. [Greg->] came through town and stayed with us last night. We played a bit of music together, enjoyed a few beers, and dropped by [Cheatham Street Warehouse->] to listen to the participants in songwriter night. I enjoyed both visits a great deal, and Liam was thrilled to get to camp out on the couch for the night.