Short Stories

  • Back when [Abigail->] was still of the appropriate age to sit in a high chair, we had stopped at El Chico on the way from Denton to San Antonio. As a red-blooded Mexican food loving Texan, I was delighted when I looked over to see Abigail diligently dipping her chips in salsa before wolfing them down. She still falls down as often as she manages to walk, but by golly, she knows what to do with a tortilla chip!

    My pride swelled to epic proportions a few minutes later when I looked over and found that she had abandoned the tortilla chips altogether and had upended the salsa tub, sucked it dry, and was now licking the last dregs from the bowl. That’s my girl!

  • Once, while working at Motorola, I was standing next to a guy at the row of urinals when he glanced over and said thoughtfully “that’s a pretty short one you’ve got there.” It took me 5 seconds of flummoxed silence to realize that he was referring to the fact that I was using the urinal that was at the appropriate height for kids, and not insulting my manhood.