Da Vinci Code

From my New York compadre, Ryan, in response to the Da Vinci Code protests:

form a prayer vigil by all means. but pray for our country. pray for our troops overseas. pray for our schools, and our children. pray for our homeless. pray for our hungry. pray for our sick, and our lonley. pray for our weak, and for those who feel they might be unworthy of the grace of God.

pray for goverment, for those who are in leadership above us. pray for w. pray for our churches. pray for our communities– one block at a time, if we need to. pray for parents. pray for the cynical. pray for the apathetic. pray for the abused. pray for the desperate. pray for those who feel lost, or afraid, or abandoned, or tired, or ignored. pray for me, forpetessake!

just… c’mon, people, don’t pray for the da vinci code. it’s a book. it’s a movie. it’s a story. we have bigger things to worry about.