A Grand Day Out with Liam and Sean

One of the great pleasures of summer for me is getting to spend more time with the kids, whose time is consumed overmuch by school during the academic year. (Teachers, take note! Research has shown that lots of homework doesn’t significantly improve academic performance! Ease up, for heaven’s sake!) One of my favorite things to do with the young ones is to take them out individually for a one-on-one day of fun and frolic.

We had a super time yesterday on [Liam->]’s outing. We started off at Kidzville playing basketball, air hockey, climbing on playgrounds, and playing more air hockey. From there, we went to grab some lunch at Alamo Cafe (my choice), where Liam was quite taken with the streams running through the interior and the painted sky that cycled through day and night cycles with sunsets every 10 minutes. We then stopped by [Mom McMains->]’ office and visited with her for a while. Our old neighbor Mary Beth McAllister happened to be passing through as well — a wonderful surprise, since it has been quite a long time since we’ve gotten to catch up with her.

It was by that point the hottest part of a hundred degree day, so naturelly we decided with the all the wisdom of males on holiday that we should go play outdoor miniature golf, where Liam gave me a sound walloping. We started back north, stopping at Rolling Oaks Mall for rehydration and a visit to Earthbound Trading Company before landing at Chuck E. Cheese (Liam’s choice) for a bit of pizza and some games.

We rounded out our adventures with a hurried trip to Bahama Bucks to get a cup of their estimable shaved ice, which we then smuggled in under my hat (not while I was wearing it, fortunately) to a showing of Hoot.

We had a great time. I’m very much looking forward to taking the rest of the kids out for their adventures over the weeks to come!