I'll Rest When I'm Dead, Or Maybe Sometime After That

Lots going on: I took [Abigail->] and [Maggie->] down to the river Saturday morning for the San Marcos River Spring Cleanup. After breakfast tacos, we wandered the banks for about 2.5 hours gathering up debris of various descriptions. Maggie spotted a beautiful hawk, and Abby found an egg that had dropped from a tree but survived intact. We all came home with an assortment of door prizes after lunch. It was a great time, and something I think we’ll turn into a family activity next time it comes around.

I did music for church this weekend, which went well. I think I’m getting over my nervousness about leading music at church; though I still don’t actively enjoy doing it, the dread has mostly abated. We had a new singer who worked out wonderfully, and I got to read pennywhistle music for the first time in a couple of years for the offering.

Finally, I slipped off Saturday night to hear O’Malarkey, San Marcos’ only Irish band. I honestly wasn’t expecting great things, but was very pleasantly surprised by the groups musicianship and polish. One particular highlight was the “Arkansas Bagpipe”, which consisted of two harmonicas duct taped together with a length of surgical tubing leading from one to several huge balloons. When the valve was released, the balloons powered a drone on the lower harmonica while the musician played melodies on the top — a brilliant bit of musical hackery. I also got to enjoy the company of Michael & Nikki, a couple who moved in across the street a few months back and who came out for the show. I enjoyed it a great deal, even though I did feel obliged to brush my teeth when I got home since my dentist plays in the band.

Best quote of the weekend:

“I’ve got a money-pooping llama! I’m going to be a millionaire!” -Abigail