This evening [Kathy->] and I went to Clear Springs Seafood Restaurant for a special dinner. I had never been, and was fairly taken with the huge barn, the nice site, and the giant baskets of onion rings. Afterward, we went and walked around Landa Park, one of my favorite places in New Braunfels.

While walking along the banks of the Comal River, we happened across a couple of young men who were fooling around by the water with what looked like a small portable generator. My curiosity was piqued, so I kept and eye on them as they reeled out a long cable from the device and fired it up. It turned out to be a winch, and they were using it to haul each other across a couple hundred feet of water with a wakeboard. It looked like great fun, so I took a bit of video. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were in an environmentally sensitive section of the river where it is illegal to swim, and they were soon shut down by the local rhetorical constabulary. (“What are you boys doing?” “Swimming.” “I can see that…”)