Back to School

[Kathy->] started classes at the University again this past Wednesday, while the kids kicked off their academic year yesterday. Though Kathy’s ardor for school hasn’t dimmed a bit over the summer, the kids were ambivalent about their return. Fortunately, their teachers seem like decent folks, and the prospect of getting to see all of their friends again has helped temper the homework angst that has come along with it.

[Emily->] is continuing with her art studies, at which she’s doing extremely well. [Abigail->] has joined band this year and will be playing French Horn, an instrument with which Kathy has some experience. [Maggie->] and [Liam->] are still crossing town to the temporary home of Crockett Elementary each day, but the district still maintains that the new Crockett Building, which is a block from our house, should be done and ready for kids’ return in January. Here’s hoping!