I’m late on this, because I was too busy enjoying the things for which I’m thankful! Here’s a list of them:

  • Food, shelter, and the fact that all my physical needs are met.
  • A country where the rule of law is generally respected and where individual rights are usually protected.
  • The beauty of creation, and the chance to live in a place where that beauty is so evident.
  • The freedom to practice the faith I believe to be true, and the fact that faith makes a home for wretched, messed-up people.
  • A family who has loved me steadfastly through times both difficult and joyful.
  • A wife who patiently endures my foibles and faults. Their name is Legion, hers is Grace.
  • A houseful of children who bring love, joy, and immense amounts of laughter with them wherever they go.
  • A generally stimulating job that allows me to strike a decent balance between work itself and the reasons we work.
  • The men and women brave and self-sacrificing enough to put on a uniform and put themselves in harm’s way to protect the rest of us.
  • A cadre of musicians I’ve now enjoyed playing with for over 5 years. Sharing that regularly has brought a lot of joy, fun and laughter into my life, and has made certainly me a better musician.
  • I have several friendships I now tally in decades, as well as some fantastic newer ones, and feel richly blessed for these people whose lives I’ve been able to share so deeply and enjoyably.
  • Giant burritos.

For these and many more things, I give heartfelt thanks!