My Wife is Leaving Me for a Wallaroo

As many of you know, [Kathy->] has been back in school now for a couple of semesters. This coming spring semester, however, she’s taking a break from classes in favor of completing some outstanding correspondence courses and attending a Therapeutic Recreation conference in Australia, for which the school is picking up the tag and providing lodging — all we have to come up with is airfare and some food for meals and sundries while she’s there.

She’ll be gone from December 29 – January 14, and will be spending most of her time in and around Melbourne. (I have given her strict instructions to visit lots of great places and take lots of photos so that I can live vicariously through her.) She’s currently working hard at rounding up various jobs to help pay for the trip, so if you have anything that needs painting, pressure washing, cleaning, or reconstructing, give her a call!

Naturally, since I’ll be a single parent for the time she’s gone, I’ll be looking for any reinforcements I can find. If you’d like to help with grocery store runs, babysitting, grown-up conversation, or just playing XBox with the kids while I enjoy a few moments of quiet in the front yard, ¬†your help is very welcome indeed!