2 Jokes

Some original jokes to recently come* out of the humor mines where we mercilessly work our children night and day:

From Liam:

Q: Where do you get cold, hard cash?

A: At Frost Bank! (Note: this may be only regionally funny; I’m not sure how far away the aforementioned financial institution has branches.)

From Maggie:

Q: What does a crow say when it needs to go to the bathroom?

A: Caw-caw! (This is funnier if you say it out loud and know a bit of semi-naughty Spanish.)

One of the great joys of parenting is getting to see your kids begin to come up with stuff that surprises you, to see them reach beyond what you’ve given them. Terrible jokes are a respected tradition within our family, so it’s great to see them take the reins and begin to create groaners of their own.

* Yes, I split an infinitive. Bite me, grammarians.