Sandfest 2008

This year we decided to do Sandfest properly. I went prowling for places to stay a couple months ago, and somehow managed to secure a wonderful house right on the beach, an easy stroll from Sandfest itself. The big, open house with lots of places to sleep worked out great for our mob, which numbered as many as 18 at times (not including the dogs). We had a magnificent time playing in the water, building castles, eating too much, playing cards, fishing, and generally enjoying time with family.

A few of the highlights for me:

  • Saw what I’m pretty sure was a Rutan VariEze¬†or Beechcraft Starship fly over.
  • Spent hours in the water, splashing around with kids, body-surfing, doing wave flips, and generally having a great time.
  • Saw an enormous number of brilliantly done sand sculptures.
  • Got together with [Greg Pierce->], his wife Katie, and their awesome boys.
  • Played music into the night with friends.
  • Got to visit with various bits of the extended family that we don’t get to visit with as much as we’d like, including Betty, my sister-in-law’s mum who was over from England.
  • Flew my birthday kite.
  • Having our stealth Chihuahua kicked out of the restaurant where we ate lunch on Sunday.

It was a wonderful trip; several people suggested that we make an annual thing of renting that place for Sandfest so that we can all enjoy it together again.

You can see some of our photos here on Facebook.