Bees Have Nothing On Us

We’ve had a ton of stuff going on lately:

  • Last Wednesday, I took [Abigail->] for her day out on the town. We went kayaking at Zilker park, padding around under the bridges, checking out the secret art that some mysterious painter had emblazoned across the insides of the support struts, scaring turtles, and generally having a grand time. We then visited a vegetarian cafe, spent some time wandering about the mall, watched Journey to the Center of the Earth, and visited Wake The Dead Coffee House, where I converted her to the view that Everything bagels are far and away the best sort.
  • On Thursday, [The Patio Boys->] played in the park for San Marcos’ summer concert series. We in the band had a great time, and the audience seemed to enjoy it a good deal too (especially the cheerful inebriate who brought his own guitar to play along from the audience). Performing outdoors with the energy a crowd brings is always a treat, even when it’s 172° and sunny.
  • On Friday, we celebrated birthdays with Becky, my sister-in-law, and Tanya, my cousin. We ate lots of Greek food, disrupted the restaurant’s table arrangement, and made ourselves as obstreperous as possible. The staff were great sports about it all, and we had a superb time.
  • Saturday was Abigail’s 12th birthday party, which we celebrated at the house. As usual, we had pretty much no idea how many people were coming, and ended up with about 40 at peak. Since it was far too hot to spend much time outdoors, we all ended up crammed in together in three rooms, enjoying a wonderful spread of different foods that people had brought, spirited conversation, and (in the kids case) a great deal of Mario Kart and Rock Band. Abigail reported having a great time, so Mission Accomplished. Thanks to all who helped her celebrate!
  • On Sunday, The Patio Boys played again, this time at Cheatham Street Warehouse. We were all pretty bushed, so we just pulled out some songs we hadn’t done for a while, did unspeakable things to them, and wrapped up early.