Fun With Code and Coders

Monday night I headed up to Austin to drop in to the Heatwave Interactive/AGDC party at the Sky Lounge up in Austin. Heatwave is helmed by Anthony Castoro, one of my old bosses from Origin, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to catch up with some of that crew. I had an even better time than I expected, participating (badly) in a Rock Band 2 tournament, and catching up with Joshua, Anthony, Edgar, Tim, Brit, Steve, Doug, Cody, and probably more whom I’ve forgotten. (And given some of their states at the time, some have probably forgotten seeing me as well.) Thanks for the great time, all!

Also, I want to give a bit of Google juice to Stack Overflow, a new site that’s designed for asking an answering programming questions. They’ve built some nice tools to ensure that good information rises to the top over time, and I’ve been very impressed with the quality and quantity of information there. Well worth a visit if you’re a programmer.