Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-02

  • – Dad throwing the newly-minted MC(mains) gang sign. Yo. #
  • Dad: Surgery on both legs scheduled for today at 10:00am. Local anaesthesia, so should be lucid soon after. #fb #
  • We neutered the cat yesterday and will neuter the dog tomorrow. Were I dad, I'd be nervous about having surgery today. #fb #
  • Dad's surgery went fine. Will be in hospital for another 48hrs or more, then likely back home with wheelchair and hospital bed. #fb #
  • – Big Lou's 42' pizza. Oh yeah. #
  • – We won! The aftermath of the 42' pizza. #
  • The bald eagle has landed! Dad is back to his house. #fb #
  • Big day: One of Emily's paintings is going on to State & Abby's dance team took 1st at their competiton. Yay girls! #fb #
  • – Beautiful day for mini golf with a beautiful girl. #
  • Another family dinner ends in moderately off-color hilarity. I can't decide if we're doing family time very well or very badly. #fb #

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