Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-16

  • O'Malarkey, the Irish band with which I play, performs tonight at the San Marcos public library at 7:00pm. #fb #
  • – Great day to skip work and play at the river with the kids! #
  • Thanks to all the marvelous people who sent birthday wishes. It was, in a variety of ways, my most remarkable birthday yet. #fb #
  • What the…? This bagpipe doesn't come with instructions? (Other than an implicit "some assembly required.") #fb #
  • Apple sent me an "iPad Now Available for Pre-Order" email 5 minutes after I'd placed a pre-order. #fb #
  • Busy spring day: Garage sales, yardwork, kid outings, and an O'Malarkey show/potluck in Wimberley tonight. Whew! #fb #
  • – At Pioneer Town setting up for tonight's show. #
  • – Marissa painted a bodhran for the band. Beautiful! #
  • Texas Mountain Laurels and Redbuds are in bloom. It's the good-stinkiest time of year. #fb #
  • Check out KaleidoVid – a Kaleidoscope for your iPhone. Created by my buddy David @appcubby & @polarbearfarm: #
  • – Chicken fried bacon!?!? Saints preserve us! (And our cardiologists.) #

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