Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-20

  • Date night. While driving, the power steering went out, followed by overheating and power loss. This may be the van's last night. #fb #
  • Looks like the van is a goner. We'll archive the bumper stickers in some way. (Emily is *strongly* against stickers on the new van.) #fb #
  • At the Pat Metheny Orchestrion show at the Paramount in Austin. Eine Kleine Nerdmusik! #fb #
  • Watching first Doctor Who of new season. High hopes for Moffat. Aiee! They changed the theme music! #fb #
  • – Replacement van purchased. 91 Villager nice condition low-ish miles. Yay! #
  • – New front porch swing successfully installed! #
  • Really enjoying the heck out of reading the Brandon Sanderson's Alcatraz series aloud to the family. Wonderfully fun stuff. #fb #
  • – Interesting bit of poetry all up the Alkek library steps this morning. #

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