Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-04

  • – This makes me happy. Unfortunately I ran out this morning. #
  • Dad Update: He can start using both legs today! I expect crutches will be a fact of life for a while yet, but it beats the wheelchair! #fb #
  • – My industrious bride at work scraping and painting the eaves. #
  • Cryptography makes my brain hurt. Owwwwww. #fb #
  • Just ditched my for-pay map and loaded up my Garmin NĂ¼vi with data from OpenStreetMap. Very cool to see my data on my GPS. #fb #
  • Taking the day off. Beautiful morning at Spring Lake. #
  • Given that dogs eat anything, logic says that it should have come as no surprise when ours ate a tarantula. And yet, I was surprised. #fb #
  • Liam and his buddy Ryan have started making videos and posting them on YouTube: #fb #
  • We saw a Herbie the Love Bug impersonator driving around San Antonio! #

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