Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-22

  • Any twitterfriends have Carcassonne for iPhone and want to try an Internet game? #
  • Dad Update: Got his boot removed today! Is walking solely on his own two feet now. #fb #
  • Teenagers sleep funny. I would offer photographic evidence, but it would surely not contribute to household harmony. #fb #
  • My revised homeowner's insurance policy no longer provides hovercraft coverage. What a disappointment. #fb #
  • At Got Toys in Gruene. Super-awesome place! #
  • GURPS Day! White Plume Mountain, Part II. #fb #
  • Fathers Day: gifts, croquet, pasties, family. Priceless. #fb #
  • Family Fun Time tonight: 30 minutes of group yoga. Think that's surprising? There was very little complaining. *That* was a shocker. #fb #
  • And on another note: upgraded my iPod to iOS 4. It ate all my app data, alas, but is otherwise nifty. #
  • Thrilled that iOS 4 allows more than 1 ActiveSync account. Dismayed that Google's ActiveSync services don't get along well with it yet. #

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