Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-06

  • Posited: Church music leaders use capos *way* more than the rest of the guitar-playing public. Discuss. #fb #
  • Frozen meals always look awesome on the package, but like they've been pooped out of a disgruntled FoodBot 3000™ when you open them up. #fb #
  • Kathy found my bottles hidden around the house. It may be time to admit that I have a problem with hot sauce. #fb #
  • After believing ternary operators to by a ludicrous and foppish affectation for years, I now find myself quite fond of them. #yesiamabignerd #
  • Listening to the US Air Force Band of the West — outstanding Big Band style performers. Makes me feel better about the DOD's budget! #fb #
  • Just discovered Charity Navigator. Very cool site for evaluating philanthropic organizations. #fb #
  • Landa Park paddle boats with Maggie Liam and Chris. #
  • Face painting! More or less! #
  • Thank you to all of the patriots, soldiers, statesmen and everyday citizens who have been instrumental in securing our liberty. #fb #
  • Marked as to-read: The Facebook Effect by David Kirkpatrick #
  • First peach off new tree. Oh my awesomeness it's good! #

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