Starting at Handsome

I’m delighted to share the news that I’ve started at Handsome this week! Handsome is an Austin-based Holistic Experience Design Agency that conceives and develops beautiful, integrated, thoughtful brand experiences, services, mobile apps, websites, VR experiences, and more.

I’m particularly excited about the Technical Director role I’ve taken on because it will allow me to straddle the discipline of creating software, which I love, and building and supporting a team, which I enjoy and feels valuable to me. I’ll also be building support for a more distributed talent team, allowing the company to benefit not only from the brilliant designers and developers that Austin enjoys, but others from around the country and the world.

The people at Handsome are thinkers, dreamers, capable, diverse, interesting, and gracious human beings. (And a few are folks I know from previous roles and already think very highly of.) The offices are beautiful. And the work is satisfying, both creatively and as an opportunity to do something meaningful.

I’m excited about this next chapter of my professional life, and as time goes on, look forward to sharing more of the things we build together.