My Last Grandparent Gone

Yesterday at 2:15pm, my grandfather on my father’s
side died. He was my sole remaining grandparent, and had wrestled with
Alzheimer’s disease for several years, degenerating from being able to live on
his own, to on his own with the help of family, to a retirement home, and over
the last several years to a nursing home in Seguin. The death was a bit of a
shock, as it didn’t result from the disease that had wasted his mind, but from a
kidney infection that came on fairly abruptly. My dad got the first call around
1:00 yesterday morning, and was able to be with my grandfather during his last
hours. Though Grandad was never fully conscious, Dad was pretty sure he heard
him as he was talking to him. You know, even though he’d been dying for years,
and with the assurance that he’s far better off now that our faith provides,
it’s still incredibly wrenching to finally lose him. I hadn’t really expected
to, but I found myself choked up and crying with my dad on the phone. We’ll miss
you, Grandad.