Time for a Change

I’ve been working at Coremetrics
since we moved down to Central Texas. The company is well-positioned to do
great over the next couple of years, as it provides a service that is pretty
well unmatched with a giant infrastructure
that will make it difficult for other businesses to copy without a lot of
funding and work. But in spite of all that promise, I’m leaving. The startup
company hours have been very hard on my family and me, and I’m
desperate to establish a better balance between work and home life. Enter Origin, a division of the computer game
company Electronic Arts. They’ve come up with
a great benefits package, a slight raise, and the opportunity to work at
home two days a week, which will both ease the pain of commuting from San
Marcos and allow me more time with my family. I won’t be directly involved
with the game-making process, but will instead be doing the somewhat less
glamorous work of creating applications for use internally, primarily by the
customer support staff. It promises to be interesting and varied work, and
I’m quite looking forward to getting started. My first day will be August