Grandfather Redux

Well, we all made it through the memorial service, and Dad and his brothers are off to Oklahoma City for the service and burial there. Among the best times for me was a couple of hours we spent on Sunday night with the minister, reminiscing and telling stories. I was surprised to learn of my grandfather’s involvement in some early civil rights stands. He angered his whole block when living in Tennessee by paying the black man who did yard work for him twice the going rate. He also landed in jail after playing in a baseball game against a team of black youths when mixed-race games were still illegal. It was fascinating to hear of some of these sides of his personality I’d never been aware of before. Also a pleasure was the time with my Uncle Bill and Aunt Cathy, who were down from Vermont and hadn’t ever had a chance to meet the rest of my family. (Kathy and I were married 5 years ago, and the last time I got to visit with the Vermont contingent was 1992.)