What a Week!

In the past week, our slightly-extended family has seen three birthdays and five people afflicted with vomiting. Though [Liam->] had recovered from his illness in time for Sunday’s party celebrating his, [Kathy->]’s, and [Meara->]’s birthdays, Kathy was still feeling pretty rotten until this morning.

We thought about calling off the party, but had invited enough people that it would have been as much work to get in touch with everyone than to actually have the event. It turned out just fine, though a little more modest than is our wont for such events. Thanks to our generous friends, there was no shortage of good things to eat and good company. (We did, however, lack a piƱata — an unusual omission at a McMains birthday party.)

Thanks to all the wonderful folks who helped make it a special time in spite of the illness. Photos of the party are on the way…