Whither EA

On the eve of the launch of The Sims Online, here’s an interesting article on Electronic Arts, my employer for the last couple of years. Most of what’s covered in the article matches up well with what we’ve heard internally with regard to EA’s direction and vision: “To be the best entertainment company ever.”

This would have seemed ridiculous hubris for a video game company a few years back, but as the people of my generation who grew up with video games have matured, we’ve not stopped playing them, and as a result the revenue generated by this industry has started to rival that of Hollywood. (In fact, as games have gotten more sophisticated, they’re started competing for some of the same talent that would otherwise be working in the film industry.)

I was especially gratified to read of EA’s official focus on family-friendly fare. ([Kathy->] seemed a bit surprised when I explained to her a while back that not only does the company not publish Grand Theft Auto, but it wouldn’t publish it. While it’s a brilliant game, the grittiness and adult content don’t line up with EA’s corporate image.) An interesting glimpse into the past, present, and future of this company. (Full disclosure: In addition to working for them, I own some EA stock.)