Birthday Romp

In celebration of my 33rd birthday, Kathy had arranged babysitting for all of the kids for a full 48 hours toward the end of last week. We had a great time puttering about, just enjoying leisure for a couple of days. Some highlights:

  • Seeing Pubcrawler at Fado in downtown Austin. This experience has rekindled my enthusiasm for playing Celtic music.
  • Having a super mexican lunch at Juan Enrique’s in Wimberley while playing our first game of Chrononauts.
  • Wandering the hill country for an afternoon, ostensibly with an eye toward investment property, but at least as much just for the sheer pleasure of being outside in this beatiful area on one of the nicest days of the year thus far.
  • Visiting the Sable V art gallery, one of my favorites in the area, and discovering Michael Silva’s lovely and remarkable Pigskin Glass.

Thanks for arranging the lovely time, Kathy!