Stocks, Stocks, Stocks

Last Friday and Saturday, I attended an Investing Seminar put on by Investools, Inc. [Mom McMains->] had heard about the seminar through someone who dropped by her office to pitch it, and asked that I come along too, suspecting that we’d be able to help each other out with it and that I might benefit from the information presented as well.

The class itself was pretty interesting. The instructors were good; they covered a lot of material and made it quite accessible. I learned a lot, especially on the second day, when they discussed trading options, covered call strategies, and a fair bit more. Even after having done a fair bit of reading on financial management and investing before, there was a lot of material that was new to me.

On the other hand, once I got home and have started looking at charts and trying to put their strategies into practice, things start to look a lot less clear. They recommend looking for certain signals to time your purchase and sale of stocks. Looking over historical charts makes it appear that system won’t work nearly as reliably as they make it sound like it does in the class, which is probably to be expected.

Anyway, I’m keeping a little notebook and trying to apply some of these new strategeies. We’ll see how it goes.