Barry, Seth, Cancer

A while back, I mentioned my friend Barry Brake and the fact that he’d been diagnosed with cancer at the beginning of the year. He has been going through chemotherapy for the past several months, and is at long last done. Though it’s been a long, arduous road for him, the cancer appears to have been eradicated, and Barry is gradually returning to full health. As evidence that the chemicals have not damaged his irrepresible sense of humor, he has posted some Glamour Shots of him in his chemo-induced baldness. Hot!

Barry’s chronicle of the last several months makes for excellent reading. It’s an interesting window into how a man of honesty and faith deals with this sort of hardship.

On a related note, Seth is walking in a fund-raiser for cancer on May 30. If you’d like to help the fight against this pernicious disease, sponsoring Seth is one way you can help right now.