I’m swamped at work, so updates have been sparse lately. As a compromise, instead of my usual flowery prose, today you get PowerPoint-style updates:

  • Abigail got baptized a couple of weekends back. Very exciting for her, and for her proud daddy who got to jump in the river and help.
  • Our van died. We’re in the process of buying a used Pontiac Trans Sport to replace it. If you know good things about the Trans Sport, let us know! If you know bad things, then keep it to yourself — I already mailed the check.
  • Emily’s 11th birthday was yesterday. We had a party on Saturday that was great fun. (Thanks everyone!) I got Em a copy of The Once and Future King, one of my favorite books. (She’s been enjoying fantasy a lot lately.)
  • The Grant Mazak Band will be playing for Emily & Abby’s school on May 22. Woohoo! Should be fun.