iChat AV

I just had my first voice chat via Apple’s new iChat AV with Steve. One of my biggest complaints with cellular phones over the years (aside from the fact that they’re phones, which I hate to begin with) has been lag, which makes it tough to talk without stepping all over each others’ words. iChat seemed to be subject to the same problems, to a degree presumably dependent on the speed of the connection between Steve’s and my computers. However, if you can get used to talking in slightly larger blocks, it’s quite managable, and a nice alternative to actually paying for long distance. Bonus feature: it pauses iTunes automatically when you connect to an audio or video conference, and unpauses when you’re done.

Update: I just tried it with video, and oddly enough, the lag seemed less. Either that, or I was just too amused to notice.

Thanks for bearing with the interruptions, Steve. 😉