Limbo Royalty

We went to our company picnic on Saturday. The kids, as usual, had a great time playing in the water, interfering with volleyball games, and eating themselves silly. Two especially noteworthy aspects of this year’s picnic:

  1. The kids swept the limbo competition! They were, of their own accord, practicing Friday night, and got 1st (Abigail), 2nd (Emily), and 3rd (Liam) in the contest. Their combined winnings: $60 of gift certificates for Toys R’ Us!
  2. Emily befriended the lads from Amy’s Ice Cream who were there serving the stuff. (Incidentally, Amy’s is about my least favorite ice cream — it taste like licking a big scoop of sugared butter to me. Bleah. [Kathy->] loves it.) Emily soon impressed them with her mad ice-cream catching skills — over the shoulder, over the sister, at a distance — whatever they’d pitch, she’d catch. (See the video.)