Attack of the Malevolent Microorganisms!

[Abigail->] is just getting over mono, which turned out to be the cause of the fever that so nearly disrupted her birthday party. (The recovery comes none to soon, as yesterday was the first day of school for her.) She’s on the upswing now, though the doctor says no contact sports for another several weeks, as mono can cause one’s spleen to swell and potentially burst if it gets a good, solid whack. Fortunately, Abby’s not too prone to contact sports, so this restriction should sit fine with her.

[Margaret->] has a rotten case of swimmer’s ear, which has come on rather abruptly after her learning to swim. She’ll be out of the pool for a while.

[Emily->], who we’re home schooling this year, and [Liam->] who isn’t yet old enough for school, are of course completely healthy.