Events Galore

Last week was a busy one. A few highlights:

  • A Day with Liam: On Tuesday, Liam and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean, which we both quite liked, though Liam hid his eyes at a few strategic moments. We then moved on to Chuck E. Cheese’s for an overpriced but tasty lunch, followed by a trip to Mazak Music, our local musician’s emporium, and a good long swim in the river to work the pizza off. I got hit with a migraine, so wrapped things up a bit early, but we had a great time anyway.
  • Blue Man Group: My friend David Barnard won a couple of tickets to see Blue Man Group on their tour for their new album, The Complex. David had never seen the Boys in Blue before, so it was lots of fun to get to introduce him to one of my favorite acts. While I enjoyed the show a great deal, I’d have to say that I actually dug their stage show in Vegas more. While I like their music, the most characteristic thing about the group is their on-stage techno-shenanigans, which the rock show format leaves less room for. That said, there were some delightful visual tricks in this show too, which made the “How did they do that?!?!” game as much fun as ever.
  • Camelot: Kathy and I went down to see my cousin Tanya in a production of Camelot on Friday night. Though it’s a musical theater staple, I’d never seen it before, and was excited to get to fill that gap in my cultural education. The show launches from T.H. White’s version of the Arthurian legend, with much of the whimsy in that telling making the transition to stage intact. We quite enjoyed the show, as well as a bite afterward at the Liberty Bar (another worthwhile discovery!) with Tanya and the lawyer-by-day/thespian-by-night who played Sir Pellinore. It was a super evening out!