Drinking from the Fire Hose

There’s rather too much going on around here for a proper post; here are a few highlights:

  • Went with [Daniel->] down to see a Chris Taylor show a couple weekends back. Chris is an old friend from high school who writes some dynamite stuff, is a great performer, and has enjoyed some measure of success with his music (including a Dove Award nomination for Best Rock Album for his Worthless Pursuit of Things on the Earth album, which is available in its entirety in MP3 format at the linked page). It was great to see Chris again, and always a treat to enjoy his music in person.
  • I took all the kids for a day at the Texas Renaissance Festival last weekend. Though it rained on us the whole way there and for an hour after our arrival, we had a great time tromping around, watching the shows, buying authentic renaissance pretzels, and befriending the craftsmen. While parts of the festival were a bit cheesy, fireworks set to live bagpipe music cover a multitude of sins in my book.
  • It’s [Maggie->]’s fourth birthday this weekend. She shares her birthday weekend with [Lana->] and my Uncle Bill. Happy birthday to all of you!
  • We had a good show down at Cheatham Street Warehouse last weekend, and are playing for a Hays Country Sheriff “Brown Santa” benefit this weekend. Should be fun.
  • I got ahold of some of the new Lazer Tag gear, and will likely be putting it through its paces with the help of the young ones this weekend.