Busy Weekend Redux

The kids and I made it through our single-parent weekend without too much difficulty, thanks to the help and support of friends.

The band played at Quail Creek Country Club on Friday night. After talking with one of the folks in charge, Grant was impressed enough with the place that, as we ate from the plates we’d loaded up at the catfish buffet, he said “If one of the wait staff offers me tea or water with our food, I’m going to join.” The wait staff then proceeded to walk by our table seven times without so much as looking at us as they attended to other diners, thus costing the club a membership. (I’d already decided not to join after the staff didn’t even bother to look amused when I’d asked what a golf-cart-racing membership would cost.)

On Saturday, the kids and I did a little bit of gift shopping after our original plan to go up to Hamilton Pool to swim was foiled by the weather. We also took a walk through the San Marcos Cemetery, which is only a few blocks from our house. We were intrigued to discover headstones for individuals born as early as 1815 and saddened by the plots of children who hadn’t lived long enough to see their first birthdays. We then went off to some friends’ mortgage-burning party, where they celebrated full ownership of their beautiful hill-country home with lots of BBQ and more music. [Liam->] enjoyed playing croquet late into the evening with anybody he could rope in, while [Maggie->] and [Emily->] ran around with friends, eating, drinking, and being merry.

On Sunday, we enjoyed church in the morning and a visit from Austin friends in the afternoon. Later, I played at Cheatham Street, affording an opportunity to celebrate Carl & Carolyn Taylor’s 51st anniversary with them, as well as to stretch out my birthday celebrations just a bit longer. [Meara->] even managed to guilt [Dad McMains->] into getting out on the dance floor with [Lana->] — the first time I can remember seeing Dad do so. After the kids had been in bed for an hour or so, I got a call from [Kathy->], who was getting back from Mexico sooner than expected. She had a great time, really enjoying her trip and the people she spent it with.

So it was a good weekend all around! Again, a hearty thanks to those of you who helped these past few days. We’re constantly grateful to be surrounded by such good, supportive friends and family.