Emily Wonka

On Tuesday morning, we had the singular pleasure of going by Hernandez Intermediate School, where [Emily->] attends, to see her play the title role in her choir’s production of “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” (No, she wasn’t the chocolate factory.)

Because the challenges of live audio in a gymnasium are nigh-insurmountable, the performers had prerecorded all of their dialogue and singing, lending the whole affair an entertaining “Reading Rainbow meets Kung Fu Theater” feel. In order to trim the plot down to its 30 minute time slot, much of the dialogue was ruthlessly abbreviated, furthering the dizzying nature of the span.

Emily was, to my paternal eye, the best thing about the show, doing some nice emotive acting, and having one of the most tuneful voices of the singers. It was a joy to see her have her first experience with musical performance, and one I hope will be oft-repeated in the future.