Happy Independence Day!

A happy Independence Day to you, my fellow Americans!

We enjoyed splashing around the Taylor’s ([Lana->]’s folks) pool and eating to excess this afternoon, followed by an ascent to the top floor of the University library, where we reveled in an unparalleled view of the San Marcos fireworks (as well as whatever ordnance others were shooting off for many miles around). An interesting curiosity of the acoustics up there was that every explosion was transformed, instead of the indeterminate pitch of most fireworks, into a low Eb, as if the sound were that of a well-tuned drum. It was a great show this year — we really enjoyed it.

As if that weren’t enough, I also got to give [Emily->] her first guitar lesson. She learned 3 chords — A, D, and E — and is thus 70% of the way to playing rock and roll.