Sunday Frolic

Yesterday we had church at a campground along the San Marcos River rather than our usual place on the University campus. After the service was concluded, we all ate lunch, had watermelon, and went to play down in the nearby rapids for a couple of hours. We all had fun splashing around, skipping stones, and tossing a frisbee, though Maggie’s enjoyment was tempered a bit by fear when the current started taking her downstream against her will. (The fast moving water was only 20 feet long, and she’s a strong swimmer, so she was in no danger, but the loss of control unnerved her.)

There was a family also enjoying the rapids as well who played with our kids for a while. They had an ocean kayak, which the older woman who appeared to be heading the group was using to give the younger folks in the group a bit of boating instruction. I have been eager for quite a while to try out kayaking, so when she offered to let me have a go at it, I accepted instantly and quickly fell in love. The double-bladed paddle was much easier to adapt to than I’d anticipated, and I was able to make much better speed than I’d expected with the flat bottomed boat. I only got about five minutes on the water, but am eager to repeat the experience and to take some time to learn more boating skills.

That afternoon, the Grant Mazak Band played at Cheatham Street Warehouse. In spite of the fact that we didn’t have a sound man until about 30 minutes after we were supposed to start, we enjoyed a great crowd, including a number of people who hadn’t been to a show before. (Liam came early with me, and had managed to bilk various customers and staff at the bar out of $2.34 before I’d finished setting up my amp.)