But Who Is My Neighbor?

We’ve all seen the photos, stories, and video streaming out of the devastated regions in the southern United States. I don’t have anything to add to those stories, other than a plea to help. How does one continue to live when not only has one’s home been washed away, but one’s job and the paychecks it brings are all underwater as well, and you find yourself in a place where you don’t know anybody? It’s too much — unfathomable for us comfortable suburbanites, I fear. One is reduced to quoting Blanche Dubois: “I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers.”

But we can help out. (I’m sure many of you have done so already.) There are a bunch of relief organizations that are lending a hand, and which make it very easy to contribute to their efforts. Mercy Corps is one of my favorites, but you can, of course, support whatever group you like.

Just do help somehow. ([Liam->] decided to kick in the couple bucks he had saved to the relief effort last night, you’re not going to let a six year old show you up, are you?)

Go and give. Be generous.