Scattered Update

Sorry for the dearth of updates lately. I was sick for a fair portion of last week, and have been generally in a creative slump, so haven’t been turning out anything in the way of interesting writing or photography. A few items of note:

  • [Kathy->] and I enjoyed a great birthday party this past weekend for Jason Young. Thanks for inviting us to be part of the fun, Erin!
  • I’m signed up for a Kayaking class on September 24-25, and am pretty excited about it.
  • I pitched some of my nascent ideas about exploring games in education to one of the managers in my office, and he thought it a good enough idea to spring for my registration for the Serious Games Summit. So, I’ll be in D.C. on halloween, enjoying discussions of the pedagogical applications of interactive play. (No repeat of [The Screaming Electric Pumpkin->] this year, I’m afraid!) I’m pretty excited about this one too.
  • We went to Nava, Mexico over labor day for a friend’s parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. It was a good experience overall. We enjoyed raiding the excellent bakery at the a supermarket there, visiting candy and pinata shops, and being pretty well befuddled by a celebratory mass in Spanish.
  • [Emily->] went to her first school dance recently and, in spite of (or, as we like to flatter ourselves, because of) parental worry, had a great time.