Night of the Mouse

I don’t think I’ve gotten around to mentioning it here before, but we adopted two kittens, brothers from the same litter, about a month ago. They’ve been settling in nicely, and have quickly become much-loved parts of the family.

So last night, while [Kathy->] and Will and I were watching Jack Bauer’s latest adentures on 24, I pulled out the trashcan to clip my nails into. I had been happily grooming away for about 4 minutes when suddenly a mouse jumped out of the trash can and ran under the couch I was sitting on.

“Holy cow! Did you see that? A mouse just jumped out of the trash and run under my couch!” Kathy and Will were wrapped up in the program, they had missed the rodent’s mad dash for freedom. Now alerted, we quickly teamed up and made a plan: pull out the couch and catch the mouse.

“How are we going to get it?”, Kathy wondered. This was a good question, as we had 5 mice trapped in the closet once, and all but one managed to get past our clumsy attempts to catch them.

Will: “Get the cat!” Anubis, the black kitten, had been sleeping on his lap, so he picked it up and played with it a second to rouse it. We then turned over the couch. The mouse made a terrified run along the baseboard. It took Anubis about a second to figure out what was up, and then a second more to catch the mouse in his mouth.

“Good boy!” We put him and his prey outside, as we didn’t particularly want to have to watch the process or clean up after it, and went back to 24.

Final score:
Human Success Rate: 20%
Feline Success Rate: 100%