I'm a Bad Blogger

I think I’ve given up arguing with [Jason->] when he tells me I don’t post enough. The “I wait until I have something to actually say” and the “Who wants to read a pile of links?” are dead on my lips. It’s true — I’m just a bad blogger.

That said, here’s a bit of what’s been going on around Chez McMains of late:

  • [Liam->] and I played paintball this weekend with a small mob of guys from our church. Today, as a result, I know what it is to be an old man. My thighs are so sore from all of the squatting and standing on Saturday that I have to take stairs stiff-legged, waddling from side to side, as the moment I bend my knees and those muscles are called on, they protest with such vehemence that I consider just giving up walking altogether for the rest of my days. Needless to say, my 1.5 mile dodder to work this morning was not a lot of fun, nor a thing of beauty for the unfortunate passers-by.
  • We celebrated [Dad McMains->]’ mumbledy-mumbleth birthday. (“I’m 16 for the fourth time!” he cheerily informed us.) On Thursday, Kathy, the kids and I crashed the course he’s teaching at the University this semester. Then on Sunday, for the official celebration, we went to the Magic Time Machine, where we were waited on by Alice (the Walt Disney version, not so much the Lewis Carroll or, heaven forfend, the American Magee version). Good times.
  • I played at church. Somehow, in spite of the fact that I don’t think I’m particularly good at it and certanily don’t much like doing it, I got to be front man (“worship leader”, for you church folks) for the band again — a bit exhausting for my introvert’s soul.
  • We enjoyed a delightful Guy Fawkes Day celebration with [Becky->] and [Chris->]. The mixing of Texan and English cultures was great fun — a bonfire, Guy burned in effigy, fireworks, chili, and stuffed jalepeƱos.
  • The whole nuclear family went to the 2006 Austin Celtic Festival, along with Steven & Christina Hernandez. In years past, I’ve taken the kids without Kathy, so it was a special treat to have her along this time around. Though it seemed slightly smaller than in years past, we all had a good time milling among the vendors’ booths, watching the SCA do their combat demonstrations, and listening to a great deal of wonderful music.