Sean Patrick's Irish Pub: Steer Clear

This one’s just for my San Marcos friends:

Been keen to try Sean Patrick’s Irish Pub, the new place that just opened off of the square? Don’t bother. Other people have had lousy experiences, and mine matched.

Since I play Irish Music, and was really excited when the place opened, thinking there’d finally be a good place to indulge that interest a bit. I went by tonight with my pennywhistles in hand.

  • First bad sign: football on most of the televisions, and not the Irish kind.
  • Second bad sign: no apparent place for live music.
  • Third bad sign: I waited 15 minutes on the porch for service, after the hostess behind the “Please Wait to be Seated” sign told me to choose whatever place I liked. The waitress wandered by and helped people at other tables four times while I sat there, but never bothered to get me a menu, take my order, or otherwise acknowledge my existence.

I didn’t wait for the fourth bad sign; I took my business elsewhere. Nobody said a word as I left. It looks like Tantra gets my Monday night business from now on.