Dribs, Drabs, and Bits

Bullet points from my brain:

  • A tornado touched down here in San Marcos (!) yesterday. We’re all fine, concerned citizens of the Internet. Thanks for the cards, calls, and well-wishing.
  • We watched An Inconvenient Truth last night. It was interesting to me to note how closely the presentation style of Al Gore, who is on Apple’s board of directors, mirrors that of Steve Jobs (or vice versa). Oh, and it was an excellent, compelling film as well.
  • We had to get to church early this morning so that [Kathy->] could help in the nursery. Since I don’t much care for chasing the kids around among the Sunday morning crowds, we walked over to the Alkek Libary, in which I work, to browse in hushed awe the literary delights therein.

    The children, upon seeing the assembled wisdom and knowledge the human race has accumulated over the last several millenia, turned to me with shining wonder in their eyes and said “HEY! Can we play hide and seek?”

    “Yeah, sure!” I said and raced off to hide. [Liam->] and [Maggie->] quickly found bits of furniture to cower beneath while I claimed a particularly inky pool of darkness between two rows of shelves as my own. I didn’t think that sprawling on the floor would be an especially effective hiding place, but was proven wrong after [Abigail->] found the other kids. In the course of their charges up and down the aisles trying to locate me, Liam tripped over my feet and sprawled headlong across me, still not having noticed my presence until I became the unwitting cushion for his fall.

  • It occurred to me this morning that “When the moon hits your eye/like a big pizza pie/that’s amore!” is a very curious lyric, unless there are a rash of pizza-related blindings in Italy that we Americans seldom hear about. “Ah, I told-a Alfonso to always-a wear his safety goggles when-a passing by the pizzaria! His poor mama!” (This bit of racial stereotyping brought to you at no extra charge by the good people at Epithets R’ Us.)