Summer in the Park Show

The Patio Boys, the band with which I play, put on a show last night for the City of San Marcos. We were scheduled to be in the park, but weather forced us indoors and scared away a good portion of the crowd that usually attends these concerts. We had fun anyway, though, as lots of our regular fans showed up along with a pile of kids (23.7% of them mine) who were running, playing, doing handstands and dancing in the back of the room.

The newspaper published a nice article on us yesterday as well. I was, however, chagrined to note that they savaged my biography. Here’s the original I sent them:

Sean McMains was born in Tennessee, but got to Texas as quickly as he could. He grew up in San Antonio, and studied music in New York, for all the good it did him. He’s sung opera, played with Jazz bands, been a member of symphony orchestras, done church music, and participated in Barbershop quartets. He currently works for the University as a computer programmer when he’s not spending time with his wife and four delightful children. He likes piƱa coladas, getting caught in the rain, is not into yoga, and has half a brain.

If you missed us yesterday, we’re also playing at Cheatham Street Warehouse this Sunday at 4:00pm, so come on out!